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4" water dredge system

Stainless Steel Straight Twin Jet Water Dredge and swivel  suction nozzle

Diving Equipment Specialties builds stainless steel water dredges for underwater digging and sells complete, turn-key underwater dredging systems for both private and commercial use. Whether your goal is marine artifact recovery, salvage, or underwater construction, with a portable and affordable Diving Equipment Specialties dredging system you are in business. And since it is constructed of 100% stainless steel with no moving parts, it is practically indestructible and rust-proof, unlike other dredges constructed from lesser materials.

This simple yet highly effective device works by injecting a high speed jet of water into the 4" main tube 4" of the venturi elbow, entraining a much greater stream of water inside the dredge. The strong suction created at the intake end draws up bottom sediments, which are ejected 15' away from the work site, far enough to avoid fall-back into the working hole and reduce clouding. A grate on the water intake prevents larger objects that could jam inside the tube from being drawn into the dredge. A variety of user-selected configurations are possible and easily switched between, with the venturi elbow placed either at the suction end or the exhaust end of the dredge.

Water dredge suction head shown assembled to venturi elbow.

Suction head grips are fully adjustable for low-fatigue single-handed control.

Unlike air-powered dredges which require more HP to produce the necessary pressure and volume of air with depth, the Diving Equipment Specialties water dredge retains full effectiveness at any depth up to 150 feet, and is limited only by the length of the water supply hose. Full-power operation at depths of 60-150 ft is well within the capabilities of this dredge as supplied. Greater depths are possible with longer supply hoses, but pressure losses due to hose friction may reduce performance. Longer exhaust hoses are also possible, with the same caveat.

The standard Diving Equipment Specialties 4" diameter water dredge requires a minimum water pump of 350 GPM ( gallons per minute ) or more. The pump is stationed in the boat or on shore as the situation dictates, and is connected to the dredge with 2" high-pressure hose. Use your own pump, or purchase a complete turn-key portable underwater dredging system, including a pump, from Diving Equipment Specialties.

500 GPM 80 psi 9 hp Honda-powered portable water pump on custom
Diving Equipment Specialties stainless steel carrying frame ( included. )

The Diving Equipment Specialties-supplied water pump has a flow rate of 500 GPM at a rated pressure of 40 psi. This highly portable unit is powered by a quiet and reliable 9 hp Honda four-stroke gasoline engine. The entire system, mounted to a custom Diving Equipment Specialties stainless steel frame with carry handles and rubber feet, weighs only 92 lbs ! The incredible power and compactness of this pump is achieved through the use of an extremely efficient high-speed centrifugal impeller. Pump intake hose and foot-valve strainer, and all quick-connect fittings included.

Note: This is not a "trash pump." This pump requires a supply of reasonably clean water for operation, and will not tolerate large amounts of sand, gravel, or other particulates.

The complete dredge system as shown in the drawing above sells for $5,790.00 and includes:

  • 4" diameter stainless steel water dredge:
  • suction head with adjustable grips
  • venturi elbow with hanger
  • 2 exhaust tubes with hangers
  • quick-connect clamps to assemble the dredge in a variety of configurations
  • 15'  of 4"dredge discharge hose ( longer hose available on request )
  • 200' of 2" lay-flat water hose rated at 150 psi
  • 500 GPM 9HP portable gasoline powered high-pressure centrifugal water pump
  • 15' x 3" pump intake hose with foot valve to maintain a constant pump prime
  • all quick-disconnect (Cam & Grove) hose fittings.

The dredge alone ( without the pump and pump hoses, but including the dredge hose and fittings ) is $2,790.00

The 4" diameter dredge as shown is our standard unit for personal and professional use.  Diving Equipment Specialties also makes dredges in custom sizes and configurations for commercial and industrial applications.

Please Note: Because of the volatility of raw material prices (stainless and Titanium) we have been forced to periodically change our dredge prices as well as other items in our web-site.


Since 1994, the performance of Diving Equipment Specialties water dredges has been renowned. In the summer of 1996, over 1000 dishes were recovered from the wreck of the S.S. Mohawk after digging an 11 foot deep hole in the cargo hold of the ship with a 4" water dredge powered by a 380 GPM pump. The performance of a Diving Equipment Specialties water dredge far exceeds that of any hand-held scooter, and makes possible underwater digs that would be unthinkable by lesser means.

Six inch water dredge in use


Dishes salvaged from the Mohawk in 1996.

The Diving Equipment Specialties Water Dredge is made for lawful underwater salvage only. Verify the legal status of any shipwreck yourself before removing any articles.